honey suckle

honey suckle



In two weeks, our Petit English Garden in Itoshima opens for charity.  Most of plants are growing well to show their splendid beauties of flowers and leaves.


The gates to the kitchen garden (right) and the main garden (left) will be opened on 16th (Sat) and 17th (Sun) May.


The kitchen garden (potager) contains fruit trees, vegetables and flowers.  It is surrounded by espalier apple trees and a grape vine.  In pentagonal beds, asparagus is growing with poppy and campion.  Swiss chard, lettuce and onion was planted in the pentagonal cold frames.  In triangular beds, potatoes are planted with marigold.  In the square bed, wild meadow flowers with a standard rose.


This photo of the main garden taken from the window of our cottage shows fresh green leaves.  Flowers of rose, peony and foxglove will soon be in bloom.


Behind the bench, climbing roses are ready to flower in a dozen of days.


Most of herbs in the terraced beds have already grown large enough to harvest.


We, Marple and Poirot, are looking forward to meeting many visitors, who love gardening.
Please take this opportunity to visit our garden.


にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ イングリッシュガーデンへ


  1. I'd love to visit your garden, Poirot, but alas - too far!

    1. It's really far, but you will soon look at the most beautiful scenes of our garden on this blog. Don't miss it.


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