honey suckle

honey suckle


The gazebo windows

Fifa World Cup 2014 has just opened, and I am watching the game Croatia vs Brazil.  

This morning, I introduce the gazebo windows of my garden.  

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In England, I saw many Gothic arch windows and stained glass windows.  
When I planned to make a gazebo on the wooden deck, I remembered those windows.  

At first I made a fundamental framework of the gazebo in 2012, and then, I looked for antique stained glass windows all the time.  I visited several antique shops in Fukuoka City, and many online shops.  

In April 2013, I found a nice antique stained glass window in an online shop (below).  It was made in 1930s in England according to the description.  Its size seemed to fit our gazebo, and it was not so expensive.  I talked together with my wife and I ordered it.  
An antique stained glass found in an online store 
The stained glass arrived on the day of opening garden in May 2013.  I temporarily set it to the gazebo.  From the standpoint of design, I decided to used it upside down.

The stained glass window was temporarily set to ascertain the size and design.  

Next, I designed arches to coordinate the stained glass.  

A design made by using a software of painting
Water-resistant plywood was used to make Gothic arch window frame.  

A piece of plywood was cut to make Gothic arch frames.  
The center of the window was completed and painted blue-gray.  A foldable awning was also set on top of the gazebo.  

Open air state without an awning for cool season.  

The gazebo covered with an awning on sunny summer days and rainy days.  

I had so many things to do, and couldn't do carpenter-work for months.  Last spring I made other four arched windows.  But carpentry has not finished.
It is to be continued...

Finished just before the opening garden this year
We have spent good times here, drinking tea or reading gardening books.

Looking up the windows
A big cherry tree with a nest box  (right)


  1. Please come to England and make a gazebo for my garden!
    It is just beautiful.

    1. Making original items is fun for me, but it brings pain all over my body:-)

    2. Thank you for showing your wonderful garden!
      I feel very relieved to see beautiful pictures full of green.
      I'm quite looking forward to see your wonderful garden from now on.

  2. Dear Poirot
    The stained glass looks perfect in your gazebo. What a lovely place to sit and enjoy your beautiful garden from.
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you for your comments.
      I always want to have a day off on every comfortable day.
      Thanks God it's Friday!

  3. I Love your Gazebo and your stain glass window looks perfect. A lovely place to drink tea and read gardening books :)

    1. It is partly sunny and not so hot today. We enjoy gardening and tea.

  4. Thanks Poirot, you may have given Dee an idea for a project for me!
    The window and stained glass look great.


I do appreciate your comments very much - they enhance my day. Thank You.