honey suckle

honey suckle



Two plum trees are now flowering in our garden.  They are varieties of  'Oh-ishi Wase' and 'Santa Rosa'.  We harvested so many plums last year.

Yesterday was a perfect day for hand-pollination because it was sunny, dry and warm.  Plums flower in early spring when there are few bees, therefore we have to pollinate for good harvest.  We use a 'mimikaki' (it means a ear cleaner) for pollination.  It is a bamboo ear cleaner with a little fluffy thing on the other end that sweeps off the residues of ear wax.  The ear cleaner was fixed at the end of a long stick.


The pollinating tool using ear cleaner

When we were pollinating plums, a bumblebee came to our garden.  It was the first visit this spring, however, it showed no interest in plum flowers.  Every year, bumblebees come and pollinate blueberry in April.  They really love blueberry flowers, but don't seem to be fond of plum flowers.


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