honey suckle

honey suckle



We had planted many poppies in the potager this year, and I have noticed that there are so many different colours of petals.  In addition, there are three colours of stamens.  I have been taking photographs of poppies for weeks, and there are about eighteen different types of poppy flowers, one of which is double.  I show them in this post.  Most of them are corn poppies.


At the entrance of our Petit English Garden

A double flower in the center

Five varieties with dark colour stamens.  (濃い色のおしべの5種類)

A double flower with pure red petals and black stamens

Twelve varieties with yellow stamens.  (黄色いおしべの12種類)

The only one with white stamens. This must be Oriental poppy.  (白いおしべは1種類だけ。これはオリエンタル・ポピーのようです。)

Which do you like the best?   (あなたはどれが一番好きですか?)

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