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Recently I bought two books about potager.

One book is a Japanese translation of a French book 'Le Carnet potager' written by Catherine Delvaux.  The original book was published in 2012, and its translation version was published in 2014.  In this book, French style organic kitchen gardening is introduced with beautiful illustrations and many pockets filled with information.  It looks like a pop-up book and it's a fun to turn over the pages.

The other book is a Japanese book 'Floral potager' which was written by Mitsue Namba and published in 2013.  She is a painter, designer and gardener.  She introduced a new style of kitchen gardening to Japan.  She plant flowers and herbs with vegs.  Her style shares with Geoff Hamilton, and I am very interested.  The beautiful photos were taken by a professional photographer Hideki Yokota for four years.


Le Carnet potager (フランスの菜園から)

Why kitchen gardening? (どうして、家庭菜園?)

It's not a dream (夢じゃない)

Ecological methods for kitchen gardens (家庭菜園にエコロジーな取り組みを)

Scarecrows (カカシ)

Medieval vegetables (中世の野菜たち)

Herbs (ハーブ)

Floral Potager (花咲くポタジェの庭)

The potager in May (5月の花咲くポタジェ)

A salad garden in winter (冬のサラダガーデン)

A mini-potager in containers (コンテナで身にポタジェ)

Flowers of herbs and begs (野菜とハーブの花)

Flower & vegetable growing note (花と野菜の栽培ノート)
I recommend these books for people loving gardening.


にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ ポタジェ・キッチンガーデンへ

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  1. Both books look very attractive, and instructive also.


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