honey suckle

honey suckle



The earliest variety of peony is in full bloom now.


On 29th April, the peony 'Daifuki' began to flower.  This dark pink variety flowers earliest every year.


In three days, five flowers are in bloom one after another. 


Next day, it was rainy all day.  I used a Japanese umbrella to cover plants against rain.   Rain water was filled in the flowers and it bends the stalks and damages flowers.  This umbrella is a Japanese traditional coarse oilpaper umbrella (Ban-gasa).  It looks very Japanesque, doesn't it?


On 4th May, weather got better, and the umbrella was removed. The flowers had became in full bloom.  What a wonderful colour it is! 


Yesterday, the number of page views became above 10,000.  Thank you for visiting our blog!

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  1. Dear Poirot
    Beautiful flowers and an amazing colour. The umbrella looks very much at home!
    Best wishes


I do appreciate your comments very much - they enhance my day. Thank You.